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Sale of accessories and spare parts for pinball machines

Relive the world of old pinball machines with MJS Pinball!

Find all the accessories and spare parts to bring back the sweet sound of your old pinball machine. Whether you are a pinball enthusiast or a seasoned collector, you will find everything you need to maintain, repair or customize your pinball machine at MJS Pinball.

All the elements and tools for your old pinball machine

You will find a wide selection of spare parts and accessories for machines from the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s, as well as expert advice to help you make your choice: old pinball machines such as:

Fronton, Plateau, Coil, Electronics, and Flippers' Elastics...

We have countless items in stock, such as pinballs, coils, electronic cards, elastics, cabinet and backbox elements, playfields, lighting, and all the tools and hardware needed to restore your old pinball machine...

Our online shop will enable you to find pinballs, rubbers, light bulbs, buttons, glass panels, printed circuit boards, and much more:

  • Standard pinballs, ¾” or 5/8” balls or Low magnet
  • Elastic and rubber kits for old and new pinball machines
  • Flipper elastics / cylindrical elastics
  • Incandescent / LED bulbs / sockets and domes
  • Bumpers, targets, lock bars, buttons, inserts, posts, legs, locks, ball launchers…
  • Pinball electronics: cards, displays, components, fuses
  • Used parts also in stock

Proud to offer high-quality products, carefully selected from reputable suppliers in the vintage pinball industry, you can contact us if you can't find what you're looking for in all the parts for pinball machines that we offer for sale on our MJS Pinball e-commerce site.